Rain in a Drought

So winter in southern california has been VERY un-wintery. Obviously seasons are not much of a thing here, but when it’s winter I at least expect a few cold days and some rain! My mom would say we’re lucky that it has been an average of 70 degrees here in SB this winter, but I have to disagree. I am almost sick of constant sun and am totally ready for gloomy weather (m mom would kill me for saying that). That’s why I was ecstatic to hear the rainy forecast for this weekend. My expectations were not failed when I could hear the sound of pouring rain last night, and woke up to a perfect chilly morning. I couldn’t resist snapping some pics of the weather.


My first time ever driving in the rain (it’s not that different).


Some students went all our in their rain gear, although I was perfectly content with my hoodie to keep warm and dry. During 4th period there were a few thunder claps, which was enough to disturb the whole class from our test.


If you are planning on enjoying the rainy weather as I am, here a few suggestions!

1. Write a blog post

2. Settle down with a nice book, some candles, and the perfect rainy day playlist

3. Plan a movie night with friends and snuggle up to a great rom com, especially if you’re anything like me and can’t stand horror.

4. Bake some warm goodies

5. Dance in the rain

Have a great weekend in the rain everyone 🙂


Tuesday Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s markets in SB are hosted on saturday mornings and tuesday afternoons. They’re a perfect opportunity to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week, so this past tuesday I made the trip to downtown SB on State street for this. The roaming food shoppers are accompanied by the occasional music talent, playing guitar, harmonica, singing, drumming or a combination along the street. Walking through the farmer’s market is both entertaining and productive.

photo (8)

My favorite food stands here have to be the fresh fruit, especially the sweet grapes from the saturday morning farmer’s market on Cota street. The variety of healthy foods motivates me to try new things and lead a healthier lifestyle. Coming in a close second to the fruit stands is the home made honey stand. I can never resist snagging a few honey sticks as a pass.

photo (9)

photo (10)

The vibrant colors of the farmer’s market make for a great photography opportunity, and although this stop at the market was a short one, next time I visit I will definitely spend more time wandering through the stands a snapping a few photos.

photo (12)

photo (13)

This saturday in SB is going to be a rare rainy day, especially in this drought. I am thoroughly looking forward to spending my time inside snuggled up and watching movies, although unfortunately that means no Saturday morning farmer’s market for me. If there’s a local farmer’s market near you and you have yet to visit, I realllyyy recommend checking it out. The delicious foods are very worth it. I was not even able to stop at half the stands, and I know there are more consisting of baked goods, home made crafts, breads, fresh avocado, etc.

Adventure to El Cap

Saturday morning came this weekend with preparations for my little sister’s weekend camping (more like glamping) trip to El Capitan. I had completely planned on enjoying my Saturday hanging out with friends and relaxing home alone. Spending time with my parents, little sister, and five of her 8th grade friends for her 14th birthday party? No thanks. Luckily for me, my dad managed on guilting me into going up there for the day with a promise of letting me drive my family’s audi. El Cap is a beautiful state beach in Goleta, around 30 minutes north form my house. It’s a popular surfing spot and the campsite where my family and I spent our day was great.


The cabins at the El Capitan Canyon campsite are super luxurious, with 2 bunkbeds, a loft bed, a kitchenette, and a full bathroom inside. Each cabin has a little fire pit next to it to complete your camping experience with s’mores at night 🙂 Unfortunately my dad and I made the trip home around 5 so we missed that part.

photo (7)

short walk into the hills above the camp ground


It was a nice warm day ideal for laying on the beach and relaxing for a short while.

photo (11)

We were able to borrow bikes from the campsite to go for a ride along the beach.

photo thanks to my dad

photo thanks to my dad

All in all my day in El Cap was a day well spent. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do over the weekend I would definitely recommend considering the camping here! Next time I come down it’ll be with a few friends ready to enjoy the beach and the water, maybe even to spend the night.

That Weekend Feeling

I rolled out of bed this morning with a feeling of dread, knowing I had overslept and would have to rush through my morning routine. However, as soon as I remembered what day it was that awful feeling immediately vanished, and was replaced with one of relief and excitement. Although this school week was only four days, it totally dragged on for me. That’s why I am soo relieved it’s finally friday, and am going to discuss the weekend feeling in this blog post. We all know it, the amazing feeling when you walk out of school on a friday afternoon. Discussing with friends our plans for the next two days and nights of freedom, whether those including getting in hours and hours of sleep or an exciting party.

Here’s a song for you to listen that really just puts me in a great mood and pumped for the weekend.

Hopefully these pictures inspire you to go out and have a killer weekend spending time with your friends or just kicking back to enjoy those awesome quiet hours, 100 percent stress free.


photo by me

The weather here in SB this weekend is predicted to be fairly warm and sunny, so a good opportunity to get outdoors to the beach. Go on a picnic with your friends to a pretty park. Hike somewhere you’ve never been before. Spend a fun night in with the girls (or boys) watching movies and cracking jokes. Whatever it is you do, make the most of your weekend.

Feel free to leave a comment with what you’re planning to do for your weekend!

SB From the Eye of a Professional

As I was sitting in my living room this afternoon brainstorming a possible topic for my second weekly blog post, my eyes were drawn to the many magazines on my coffee table. On the top of the stack was none other than Santa Barbara Magazine, which immediately caught my attention. I have never read the magazine before so I started flipping through the pages, skimming through the different ads and articles. The magazine I soon learned, covers a wide topic of the local styles, foods and wine, entertainment, home decor, gardening, health, beauty, and children. The magazine is released quarterly, as I discovered from the two issues that I own.


This is a photo I took of my mom enjoying some light reading cozied up with my dog on the couch before bed. The latest issue that has been released is the Winter 2014, shortly after the Best of 2014 issue was released. The friendly writing and layout of this magazine makes for a very enjoyable read. The photography draws me in and gives me a different perspective on various spots here in SB.


The two spreads show above are from the food and kids sections of the magazine, respectively. Something that I especially love about these articles is that they include where to find everything pictured, and specifically in the “Get Moving” page, there are details of various fun work out activies that can be found in SB. The inclusion of these intimate spots lets the reader know that they are coming from a true local, and therefore gives off much less of a touristy feel.


More in depth details about the magazine can be found on its website, here

Summerland and the Polo & Racquet Club

Right next to SB is a cute little town called Summerland. It is located south of SB along the 101, home to around 2000 people. There are a lot of great things about this town, including its beaches, surf spots, cafes, and the Polo Club. Personally I am not much of a surfer, so unfortunately I can’t give too much info on surf spots. However the best beach around is Padaro beach, better known as Santa Claus beach. Right next to this beach is a great beach grill, Padaro Beach Grill. homeThe menu can be found on the website found here.01_3543-Padaro-Lane-view-up-beach

(citation here.)

photo-39photo courtesy of my mother

Santa Claus beach is always crowded in the summertime because it is so popular with SB locals and tourists.

My favorite cafe here, Summerland Beach Cafe,on the main street of summerland, Lille Avenue. I love coming here after a good round of tennis or a nice work out at the gym in the Polo & Racquet club. My family are members here, which I absolutely love. In the spring and summer we get to dress up and watch the polo matches, and during the off season we use the club for the pool, jacuzzi, tennis, and gym.


Above is a picture snapped by my little sister, Olivia, while soaking up the sun this past Sunday afternoon at the club’s hot tub.


Here is a picture of a polo match on the huge fields here right next to the mountains.


During the breaks of a polo match while the horses rest, the audience is invited to walk onto the field and stomp flat the many divots. These are my 3 sisters during a match this past summer. I absolutely love summerland and as soon as I get my license I will be visiting much more often.

Good Eats Part 1: Jeanine’s Restaurant and Bakery

There are plenty of great restaurants and cafes around SB. My all time favorite breakfast place has to be at Jeanine’s, in Montecito. I often find myself here on Saturday and Sunday mornings with my friends after a late night. Today happened to be one of those mornings. Jeanine’s is literally the first and only breakfast place that comes to mind when thinking of somewhere to go with friends simply because it is the best.


maddie enjoying her fresh bowl of fruit

Jeanine’s is in the lower village of Montecito, a nice and centrally located place. The restaurant is always packed during prime breakfast time, around 10-11. It’s not uncommon for me to see at least a few people I know every time I’m there. There is seating both inside and outside, but on a gorgeous day like today my friends and I had to claim a seat outside to soak up the sun while we ate.


The Jeanine’s menu includes it’s famous french toast, a variety of breakfast dishes, sandwiches, hot and iced beverages, and delicious pastries. This morning I had the classic yogurt and granola with fresh fruit as a good start to my day, but I could not resist having a bite of my friend Marissa’s french toast because that is Jeanine’s specialty dish. I HIGHLY recommend the kahlua banana french toast, my all time fave.



Above are pictures showing the inside and outside of the restaurant. Both can be found on the Jeanine’s website, here. There is also a Jeanine’s in downtown SB off of state street. Although I am not there as frequently as the Montecito store, it is great as well a perfect lunch spot for shoppers downtown.

Goodbye Soccer Season

My favorite time of the year is by far the winter season. Everything about it is great: the holidays, gloomy weather (for once!!), and the school soccer season. This year and last year I’ve played for the JV team and had an awesome time. It’s so fun bonding with my team mates, and even though I don’t love him all the time, my coach as well. This year we had a record in league of 4-2-2.


The 2012-13 frosh/soph team after a rainy day game

During the season we were able to beat our cross town rivals, San Marcos, both games we played them. They were intense games and extra competitive because of how many friends I have on the team.


Here is a picture from our first game against SM, when we won 1-0. There’s me #15! This picture was taken from Presidio sports, which you can find here. There’s honestly nothing more satisfying than winning against girls I know on and off the field. Many of the players on the SM jv team are also on my club team. I play soccer almost year round, club seasons in fall and spring and school season in summer.


myself and my teammate Chiara Bernardi

I love the game as an outlet for my inner competitiveness, and sometimes even aggression. I have such a fun time with my teammates at practice and sharing the amazing ups and downs of our games with them. I’ve been playing seriously since the fourth grade, and plan on continuing through high school. I consider the sport a hobby and a passion, but it is not something I wish to pursue in college and beyond. I’m going to miss this year’s JV team a lot because of the great experiences we shared during the season.

Santa Barbara Bowl: Music, Good Vibes, and a View

We are lucky enough to have a gorgeous concert venue here in SB. The Santa Barbara bowl hosts a large variety of artists where locals of all ages can enjoy the music and nice atmosphere the bowl provides. This venue is outdoors and located on SB’s riviera, so that concert goers also have a perfect view of the ocean during the concert season, from around April to October.

IMG_3603My first time visiting the bowl was during September this year to watch the Lumineers perform. Although my seat for this concert was at the very top of the bowl, I was able to enjoy it all the same. The seats were perfect for this mellow concert, where I could just sing along to some of my favorite songs and enjoy the presence of my little sister and my mom, who accompanied me to this concert.


way up high seats

photo (2)

the lumineers came into the crowd during their performance

The second concert I’ve seen at the bowl was Passion Pit, which was SUCH a fun concert. The combination of being with a great group of girls, being in the pit and the great music made for a perfect night. Having a general admission ticket is by far the best place to be when it comes to an up beat, dancey concert like Passion Pit. The performance was amazing.


up close and personal with the lead singer of passion pit, michael angelakos


The seating chart for the bowl pictured to the left. Although the seats in the back seem soo far away from the front, the bowl is actually pretty small. No matter where you’re seated for a concert you can still feel close to the performer.

This picture is taken from the SB bowl website, where you can find out more about the bowl and the dates of upcoming concerts here

3 pools

If you’re really looking for an adventure, you can take the hike up to three pools off of the Tunnel road trail here in SB. A fair warning, this hike is not easy. There is a lot of rock hopping involved and one difficult spot that’s especially hard to climb. I know that I struggled particularly hard to make it up this trail. I was lucky to come out with just a few scrapes and bruises, although then again I’m not the most coordinated when it comes to hiking. Although it was hard, this trail is DEFINITELY worth it. Up there it’s so beautiful, and looks like a scene from a movie.

photo (2)Jumping into the cool fresh water after you’ve been covered in sweat and your muscles have been burning is one of the best feelings there is. These pictures are from the single time I have taken the hike, over the summer in July. I would absolutely love to get up there at this time of year when the pools are even more filled (maybe not as we’re in the midst of a water crisis). I came up with 5 of my friends, and I recommend coming with a group that size or smaller. Once up there, we were able to sit and picnic, take photos, and enjoy the swim.


Not only is 3 pools one of the best places to go in Santa Barbara, but I’d say it is one of the best hikes in all of California. It’s not everyday you can spend time on the beach and swimming in gorgeous natural pools up in the mountains.

photo (3)