Sights of SB


a walk on my favorite santa barbara beach, photo by Maddy Rotman

Santa Barbara is home to some of California’s best beaches. Mirmar beach, pictured here, is a popular beach for teenagers (including my friends and I) to hang out over the summer as well as during the year. The beach is lined by houses owned by vacationers and local residents. The low waves here are perfect for stand-up paddle boarding.


east beach, photo by Maddy Rotman


sunset on the mesa, photo by Maddy Rotman

The Mesa is a beautiful neighborhood home to some of my closest friends in SB. One of my favorite parts of coming here is seeing the spectacular sunset over the water every night of the year, thanks to its perfect location on a hill overlooking the ocean.


sunset at franceschi park, photo by Maddy Rotman

Franceschi park is a spot that I regretfully have yet to visit. Shown in this picture are local SB teenagers who made the trek up to watch the sunset here. This park is located at the top of the Santa Barbara riviera, the section of SB where I call home, although I do not live quite as high up on the riviera as this park is.

up gibraltar road, photo by Ava Doré

This spot, shown to the left, is arguably the prettiest place in all of Santa Barbara. If you’re willing to take the 30 minute or so drive up the very windy Gibraltar road, you can reach the best vantage point to look across the whole city and beyond. In front of you, there is the ocean, and behind are the looming and seemingly enormous foothills. Up here I can truly appreciate the wonders of this city that I am lucky enough to live in.


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