Santa Barbara Bowl: Music, Good Vibes, and a View

We are lucky enough to have a gorgeous concert venue here in SB. The Santa Barbara bowl hosts a large variety of artists where locals of all ages can enjoy the music and nice atmosphere the bowl provides. This venue is outdoors and located on SB’s riviera, so that concert goers also have a perfect view of the ocean during the concert season, from around April to October.

IMG_3603My first time visiting the bowl was during September this year to watch the Lumineers perform. Although my seat for this concert was at the very top of the bowl, I was able to enjoy it all the same. The seats were perfect for this mellow concert, where I could just sing along to some of my favorite songs and enjoy the presence of my little sister and my mom, who accompanied me to this concert.


way up high seats

photo (2)

the lumineers came into the crowd during their performance

The second concert I’ve seen at the bowl was Passion Pit, which was SUCH a fun concert. The combination of being with a great group of girls, being in the pit and the great music made for a perfect night. Having a general admission ticket is by far the best place to be when it comes to an up beat, dancey concert like Passion Pit. The performance was amazing.


up close and personal with the lead singer of passion pit, michael angelakos


The seating chart for the bowl pictured to the left. Although the seats in the back seem soo far away from the front, the bowl is actually pretty small. No matter where you’re seated for a concert you can still feel close to the performer.

This picture is taken from the SB bowl website, where you can find out more about the bowl and the dates of upcoming concerts here


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