Goodbye Soccer Season

My favorite time of the year is by far the winter season. Everything about it is great: the holidays, gloomy weather (for once!!), and the school soccer season. This year and last year I’ve played for the JV team and had an awesome time. It’s so fun bonding with my team mates, and even though I don’t love him all the time, my coach as well. This year we had a record in league of 4-2-2.


The 2012-13 frosh/soph team after a rainy day game

During the season we were able to beat our cross town rivals, San Marcos, both games we played them. They were intense games and extra competitive because of how many friends I have on the team.


Here is a picture from our first game against SM, when we won 1-0. There’s me #15! This picture was taken from Presidio sports, which you can find here. There’s honestly nothing more satisfying than winning against girls I know on and off the field. Many of the players on the SM jv team are also on my club team. I play soccer almost year round, club seasons in fall and spring and school season in summer.


myself and my teammate Chiara Bernardi

I love the game as an outlet for my inner competitiveness, and sometimes even aggression. I have such a fun time with my teammates at practice and sharing the amazing ups and downs of our games with them. I’ve been playing seriously since the fourth grade, and plan on continuing through high school. I consider the sport a hobby and a passion, but it is not something I wish to pursue in college and beyond. I’m going to miss this year’s JV team a lot because of the great experiences we shared during the season.


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