Adventure to El Cap

Saturday morning came this weekend with preparations for my little sister’s weekend camping (more like glamping) trip to El Capitan. I had completely planned on enjoying my Saturday hanging out with friends and relaxing home alone. Spending time with my parents, little sister, and five of her 8th grade friends for her 14th birthday party? No thanks. Luckily for me, my dad managed on guilting me into going up there for the day with a promise of letting me drive my family’s audi. El Cap is a beautiful state beach in Goleta, around 30 minutes north form my house. It’s a popular surfing spot and the campsite where my family and I spent our day was great.


The cabins at the El Capitan Canyon campsite are super luxurious, with 2 bunkbeds, a loft bed, a kitchenette, and a full bathroom inside. Each cabin has a little fire pit next to it to complete your camping experience with s’mores at night 🙂 Unfortunately my dad and I made the trip home around 5 so we missed that part.

photo (7)

short walk into the hills above the camp ground


It was a nice warm day ideal for laying on the beach and relaxing for a short while.

photo (11)

We were able to borrow bikes from the campsite to go for a ride along the beach.

photo thanks to my dad

photo thanks to my dad

All in all my day in El Cap was a day well spent. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do over the weekend I would definitely recommend considering the camping here! Next time I come down it’ll be with a few friends ready to enjoy the beach and the water, maybe even to spend the night.


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