Tuesday Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s markets in SB are hosted on saturday mornings and tuesday afternoons. They’re a perfect opportunity to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week, so this past tuesday I made the trip to downtown SB on State street for this. The roaming food shoppers are accompanied by the occasional music talent, playing guitar, harmonica, singing, drumming or a combination along the street. Walking through the farmer’s market is both entertaining and productive.

photo (8)

My favorite food stands here have to be the fresh fruit, especially the sweet grapes from the saturday morning farmer’s market on Cota street. The variety of healthy foods motivates me to try new things and lead a healthier lifestyle. Coming in a close second to the fruit stands is the home made honey stand. I can never resist snagging a few honey sticks as a pass.

photo (9)

photo (10)

The vibrant colors of the farmer’s market make for a great photography opportunity, and although this stop at the market was a short one, next time I visit I will definitely spend more time wandering through the stands a snapping a few photos.

photo (12)

photo (13)

This saturday in SB is going to be a rare rainy day, especially in this drought. I am thoroughly looking forward to spending my time inside snuggled up and watching movies, although unfortunately that means no Saturday morning farmer’s market for me. If there’s a local farmer’s market near you and you have yet to visit, I realllyyy recommend checking it out. The delicious foods are very worth it. I was not even able to stop at half the stands, and I know there are more consisting of baked goods, home made crafts, breads, fresh avocado, etc.


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