Rain in a Drought

So winter in southern california has been VERY un-wintery. Obviously seasons are not much of a thing here, but when it’s winter I at least expect a few cold days and some rain! My mom would say we’re lucky that it has been an average of 70 degrees here in SB this winter, but I have to disagree. I am almost sick of constant sun and am totally ready for gloomy weather (m mom would kill me for saying that). That’s why I was ecstatic to hear the rainy forecast for this weekend. My expectations were not failed when I could hear the sound of pouring rain last night, and woke up to a perfect chilly morning. I couldn’t resist snapping some pics of the weather.


My first time ever driving in the rain (it’s not that different).


Some students went all our in their rain gear, although I was perfectly content with my hoodie to keep warm and dry. During 4th period there were a few thunder claps, which was enough to disturb the whole class from our test.


If you are planning on enjoying the rainy weather as I am, here a few suggestions!

1. Write a blog post

2. Settle down with a nice book, some candles, and the perfect rainy day playlist

3. Plan a movie night with friends and snuggle up to a great rom com, especially if you’re anything like me and can’t stand horror.

4. Bake some warm goodies

5. Dance in the rain

Have a great weekend in the rain everyone šŸ™‚


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