Pool Daze

There’s nothing better than hopping from a steaming jacuzzi to a cooler pool, or vice versa. Thats why spending a good portion of my spring break by the pool was absolutely amazing. My friends and I got in the spirit by swimming around and soakin up that vitamin D.



Being able to transition from the hot weather, to the snow, and back again was soo fun for this break. My friends and I are so lucky we have access to this opportunity, and we were able to totally make the most of our break. I barely found myself sitting not preoccupied  at home, or having no idea of what to do with friends.



My friends and I made the most of one of our afternoons by kicking it off with a friendly soccer match and hopping into the pool as soon as we got hot from the exercise. The whole situation is just fun and ideal for spring break and summer coming up.



I hope to have countless days like these once school is out for good. Being able to relax and be stress free while having a good time with my friends is what I live for. This type of environment can provide me with just that, and makes for a good time for everyone there. Go hop in the water and get active!




Vail, Colorado

This spring break I made the trip to Vail, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains and hit the slopes with a couple of friends. Seeing the snow was a great change compared to the constant sun and beach weather (not that I’m complaining) in SB. I hadn’t gone on a ski trip in 3 years, since the seventh grade, so I had been looking forward to this trip for an incredibly long time. The mountain ranges in Colorado are so beautiful so snapping pictures throughout my trip was absolutely necessary.


The journey there is an easy 2 hour flight from LAX to the Vail airport, about a 45 minute drive from the ski slopes, and as soon as we unpacked our ski gear and bought our lift tickets we were good to go.


The mountain is HUGE, and we spent most of our time exploring the back bowls to avoid the crowds and find the best snow.

By the end of each of the three days we skied, we were all exhausted and sore, but this didn’t make us any more ready to leave. Skiing is such an amazing sport that is a great time for everyone. Once you’re there, saying goodbye to the snow is a very hard thing to do.


Photo by Maddy Rotman

On the last day of the trip we were gifted with at least eight inches of beautiful fresh powder, that just sealed the deal on the most amazing trip possible. All of us were sad to leave but can’t wait to make the trip again in years to come.

Here’s a track from the movie Art of Flight that I just have to leave with you because you can’t do skiing without it.


Summertime Approaching

Although Santa Barbara didn’t have much of a winter, there is a definite change in the air as the end of the school year draws closer. Spring break coming up is definitely getting my friends and I in high spirits. By ignoring the horrible AP testing and finals in the also near future, summer is easy to look forward to.


Spending days by the pool are definitely something I look forward to as soon as we are released from school.


Soaking up the afternoon sun by laying on the grass and making flower crowns is a great way to spend 6th period soccer if you ask me.


Taking walks with good company can only be improved by a great view. Beach strolls are an awesome form of exercise, and a way to escape the stress caused by school or anything else.

Use your spring break to get out there and enjoy the sunlight, ocean, company, or whatever may come your way. This song should help you get in the mood for the best seasons of the year, spring and summer. Hope you all have a good one.

Kittens & Me

A huge part of my life are my two kittens. I spend a ridiculous amount of time with them at home just snuggling up and listening to their purrs. Their names are Scout and Cosmo, and they are about 10 months old. If you’ve ever checked out Nina’s blog, you might have seen pictures of her cat, Boo. Boo is my kitties’ mommy cat! As I sit here typing, Scout is leaning against my leg and kneading her claws into me (ow).

My kittens because they are soo lovable and always give me something to do during my lonely hours at home.

I honestly had way too many pictures to choose from to be acceptable.


This photo above is from the day I first met my babies at Nina’s house, and it was love a first sight. At this point they were still nursing from Boo but even though they were so tiny, they were little balls of energy.



They’re sisters as well as best friends 🙂


Scout and Cosmo have such quirky personalities and always accomplish making my family and I laugh. They’re such a good time to have around the house. Luckily they get along with our dog too, although they didn’t right at the beginning. In my opinion, having pets is really important in a household to teach children responsibility and compassion.



To wrap up, I leave you with a photo of Scout and I hanging out after school today. I know you aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but she definitely wins as mine.


Before you read, check out this tumblr!!


This week in our web design class, we have mainly spent studying different social media platforms. My group (Kathdog and Bo) and I have been tasked with learning all about a social media website called Tumblr. As a regular user of this site, I thought we would be totally covered. However, there a lot of features on tumblr I don’t use. I won’t bore you with all the details tumblr has to offer, but I really recommend checking this site out.



Above is the logo of tumblr.

What I love about tumblr is the freedom to blog whatever you want. Unlike wordpress, the site mainly circulates images, videos, and gifs, rather than writing. I can find so many cool pictures on tumblr that sometimes even give me ideas of things to do with friends, or inspire me to get out into the world more.

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 6.35.03 PM


Tumblr gives you the ability to create a personalized blog by “reblogging” photos and other forms of media from other tumblr users or posting original content. You can create a blog based on your likes, interests, and just general things that are pleasing to your eyes. Many users have an overall theme to their blog, to make it look cohesive. This could do with color, type of photo, about a certain person, or anything really.

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 6.40.04 PM


To find and reblog such photos, you can follow hundreds of different bloggers, who’s individual posts will then come up on your dashboard. There are unlimited possibilities on what you can post and see on tumblr, which can sometimes be a bad time so you have to watch who you follow sometimes. Go out and explore the world of tumblr!

Introducing Lacrosse to SBHS

Lacrosse is a super popular sport all around America, especially on the East Coast and in Northern California. It has yet to take hold here in Southern California, until just recently. Here in SB, they are starting in school teams open for anyone to join. My friend Sophie Tate and I immediately jumped on this opportunity. Both soccer players, we figured it wouldn’t be especially difficult to pick up. This past week were the first to practices and we have been having a blast playing. Wednesday we spent learning the basics of using the stick: passing, catching, cradling, checking, and ground balls. Thursday we went over the basics of the game, including the field positions, rules, and penalties. It’s definitely a lot to take in but I think all the beginners on the team (the majority) are starting to get a hang of it. Everyone is excited for our future practices and even games in the coming months until the end of school. 🙂




If you’re interested, you can find official rules for girls lacrosse here.



Our team has only 13 players out of the 12 girls playing on the field at once, and over half of our players are beginners, but no one is planning on letting this bring us down since everyone is so pumped to be playing. I definitely plan on spending more time learning about the game on my own time, and maybe even practicing a little with Sophie for fun. Lacrosse is an exciting new aspect at the high schools of SB, and is offered for both girls and boys.


Good Eats Part 2: Lunch Bites

I fully take advantage of the open campus at SBHS. There are a few lunch places I visit regularly, either walking down to Milpas street or getting rides with upperclassmen.

One of those spots is Backyard Bowls on State street. The menu consists of various acai bowls, which are bowls of a thick smoothie topped with granola, fresh fruit, and honey. They hit the spot on a hot day when I’m craving something fresh to cool me down. This lunch spot is around 5-10 minutes driving, so unfortunately I can’t visit regularly.






photo taken by lilla petruska

Backyard bowl website here

An easier lunch commute is the short to my fave restaurant on Milpas street, The Shop. The Shop has a big menu or delicious foods, like fish tacos, a GREAT avocado wrap (my regular order), burgers, salads, a tri-tip sandwich, all in addition to a breakfast menu. My only complaint is that the food takes a little long to prepare, so I definitely advise calling ahead. The wait is worth it though because of the high quality of the food. There is indoor and outdoor seating that always fills up quickly because The Shop is so popular. It only opened earlier this year!

The Shop website here

If I’m going for the ultimate lunch experience, I’ll cruise the harbor with some friends to eat at On The Alley. This lunch spot is right next to the beach and has some great sea food, my favorite being the fish and chips. It’s a bit of a longer drive from school, so going there means you’re more pressed for time but it is absolutely worth it.

On the Alley website here

If you ever find yourself without any lunch plans, definitely give these places a shot. I promise you will not be let down!


Soccer Season & Independence

With this month came two new things: spring soccer season, and a license. I am able to enjoy these two things along with my new found independence I have from driving. Being able to come and go to and from places has been such a good experience. I am finally able to not worry about structuring my life around whether or not I can get rides. Today I drove myself to practice at san marcos, my first time alone on the freeway.

Macie, my coach, believes in hard work and conditioning to make a better soccer player. I was able to capture my team mates playing in tonights practice during a particularly difficult and tiring drill as the sun was going down.


The fierce winds in SB today made it everything we practiced a lot more challenging also.


Finally wrapping up this practice felt great and I honestly wanted nothing more then to get in my car, blast some music, and cruise home for a big dinner. The best thing about Macie’s practices though is how accomplished and worked out I feel after each one. That is a huge benefit of having her as a coach, is that I always feel I am working to my full potential. This is only the beginning of my adventures on the road and I can’t wait to document as I drive to a wider range of places. Having a license opens up all sorts of possibilities and opportunities for more freedoms!

Sunday Strolls

On the northern end of Santa Barbara, you can find Hope Ranch. What once used to be a huge ranch is now a neighborhood split up into large properties. I love the general feel of Hope Ranch, because of the scenery, tall trees, and privacy of it all. Luckily for me, my best friend lives on the outskirts of Hope Ranch and when we have the chance, we love to fit in a good walk around the area. We set out around 3 on Sunday afternoon, and made it back to her house at 4:30. Along the way we snapped some pictures of the gorgeous nature, which was really green in the aftermath of the storm on Friday and Saturday.

photo (14)

Walking through the winding roads was a great way to get in some exercise, and the weather was ideal. Hope Ranch is incredibly quiet and peaceful, so the atmosphere here puts you at ease.

photo (15)

photo (16)

Many people here own horses, and there are horse back riding trails everywhere. Along certain streets there are really pretty views of Hope Ranch beach, which is a private beach with access to only residents of Hope Ranch. The long beach is lined by bluffs and is a great place to go with friends in summer (as long as someone has a key to get in).

photo (17)

Lilla and I got back to her house and wrapped up our day with a delicious smoothie that she made, before I returned home to get comfy and watch the Oscars for the next few hours. All in all, day well spent.