Kittens & Me

A huge part of my life are my two kittens. I spend a ridiculous amount of time with them at home just snuggling up and listening to their purrs. Their names are Scout and Cosmo, and they are about 10 months old. If you’ve ever checked out Nina’s blog, you might have seen pictures of her cat, Boo. Boo is my kitties’ mommy cat! As I sit here typing, Scout is leaning against my leg and kneading her claws into me (ow).

My kittens because they are soo lovable and always give me something to do during my lonely hours at home.

I honestly had way too many pictures to choose from to be acceptable.


This photo above is from the day I first met my babies at Nina’s house, and it was love a first sight. At this point they were still nursing from Boo but even though they were so tiny, they were little balls of energy.



They’re sisters as well as best friends 🙂


Scout and Cosmo have such quirky personalities and always accomplish making my family and I laugh. They’re such a good time to have around the house. Luckily they get along with our dog too, although they didn’t right at the beginning. In my opinion, having pets is really important in a household to teach children responsibility and compassion.



To wrap up, I leave you with a photo of Scout and I hanging out after school today. I know you aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but she definitely wins as mine.


What do you think?

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