Weekend in the Middle of Nowhere

This weekend is State Cup, an annual soccer tournament that my club team participates in. I love these tournaments because staying overnight in a hotel with my team is exciting and fun, and gives the tournament a more serious feel. The only bad thing about State Cup is that the it is located in the middle of no where 100 percent of the time. Places like Bakersfield, Lancaster, you get the picture. (If you don’t know either of those places then don’t bother looking it up, there’s absolutely nothing to see). The only thing these towns have to offer is a huge amount of room for soccer fields. And a lot of chain restaurants. This year our tournament is in Apple Valley, about 3 hours away in the desert.

photo (2)

The terrible journey from SB to Apple Valley maps.google.com

I’m going to have a lot of time to entertain myself, so here’s a post dedicated to making the best of situations and endless boredom. 🙂

1. Movies are key! Bring your computer and a few of your favorite DVDs (Mine is Frozen). I know this is pretty basic but you seriously can never go wrong with watching movies.



2. Card games may seem like something for old people, but trust me if you get into them they can be a blast. One of my favorites is spoons, which is perfect to play with a big group like with my team.

3. Download the app Head’s Up!!! It’s the most classic game ever, I played in Vail with Maddy and Coco and I promise you will get plenty of laughs out of it.



4. Don’t forget your swimsuit. Hotels like the Marriott always have a jacuzzi.



5. Last and DEFINITELY least, bring school work. Being productive when you have plenty of time on your hands is always a good idea. Plus AP exams are coming up!




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