Crosstown Rivalries

Every city has them. Crosstown rivalries. Those schools you hate just for the sake of having a rival, whether it’s athletically or academically. In Santa Barbara, there are 3 high schools: SBHS, San Marcos, and Dos Pueblos. Game days against these schools are a SUPER big deal. For example, the SB vs. SM boys volleyball game on tuesday, and the SB vs. SM girls lacrosse game on wednesday.

Beating a rival school is so satisfying, even though a lot of the times your good friends are on the other side. A bit of competitiveness between friends never hurts! Plus school having insane school spirit makes these events even more fun. A good scream team is CRUCIAL to your school’s success. Not to mention killer cheers. The typical Don’s house and “We can’t hear you!” cheers are always fun. And if your team is losing, you can always resort to the “WE HAVE MORE FUN” which was heard a few times at tuesday’s volleyball game. One of my personal faves.

Sophie and I ready to crack some SM girls at our lax game this week

Sophie and I ready to crack some SM girls at our lax game this week



Celebrating the Earth

April 23rd this year was Earth Day, a day dedicated to appreciating and respecting our Earth and its environment. In my opinion, we should live our lives with this attitude every day. Our home is a beautiful place! Look around you every once in a while and just take in all the sights around you. We are lucky to live in a city as gorgeous as Santa Barbara, which is filled with different habitats and life.

Mexico Sunrise. Worth waking up early to see this

Mexico Sunrise. Worth waking up early to see this.

There's so much to see from way up high.

There’s so much to see from way up high.

photo (24)

Tide pools are unexpected places to find some amazing creatures, always worth looking around to see some.

It's not often you come across natural springs, so it's definitely worth the hike to 3 pools.

It’s not often you come across natural springs, so it’s definitely worth the hike to 3 pools.

photo (29)

Shout out to Mother Nature for being awesome.

Desert Nights

The three nights at the festival were soo unbelievably exciting, just due to the craziness of the DJs performing. I saw Flume, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Dillion Francis, and Zedd while I was there. Everyone had so much energy and went absolutely insane when the acts came on. It was so fun to be in the midst of a crowd all dancing and having the time of their lives!


Calvin Harris on Sunday night went out with a huge bang of confetti


Everything was lit up at night, from the ferris wheel to the palm trees


Going on shoulder is a prime way to get a good view of the acts



Disclosure was the last act I saw of the festival and was by far one of the best

Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival

This pas weekend had to be one of the most memorable weekends of my life. Friday morning at 6 am my mom, sister, friends and I all set out on a road trip to the desert. Our destination was to the Coachella music festival in Indio, held yearly in April. I had been looking forward to this weekend since I got my tickets on the pre-sale months ago. And I was most definitely not disappointed.





Boys Volleyball

I love the boys volleyball team at SBHS. I attend nearly every home game to support the team! They kill it, and are having a great season. They took a few tough losses but are recently coming together as a team super nicely. It’s so much fun to watch them play!



The ONLY thing lacking from this sport is the cheer section! When we played DP at home, and won in a really exciting game, they were louder than us. I really want to see more people coming out to support, because great school spirit is what high school is all about right?



Old Friends and Beach Walks

Being from two cities has made my life hard in a lot of ways, but also taught me a lot of things. Keeping in touch with old friends is really crucial, even though sometimes I go for a while without talking to my friends from Palo Alto. However they’re people who’s friendships I really value and catching up with them constantly really makes me happy! That being said I was absolutely ecstatic when my best friend form up north, Katie Douty, let me know her and her twin brother and mom would be stopping by Santa Barbara for the day.

photo (1)

Even though we only had a few hours in the afternoon that went by much too quickly, we still had a great time. I’m so grateful that they are people I’ve been able to stay close too even though we live so far away and it’s difficult to plan visits to see each other. I know that these friendships are ones that will last for a lot of years!



I definitely encourage you guys to catch up with some old friends, you’ll definitely be in for a good surprise on what a good time you can have.

Pool Daze

There’s nothing better than hopping from a steaming jacuzzi to a cooler pool, or vice versa. Thats why spending a good portion of my spring break by the pool was absolutely amazing. My friends and I got in the spirit by swimming around and soakin up that vitamin D.



Being able to transition from the hot weather, to the snow, and back again was soo fun for this break. My friends and I are so lucky we have access to this opportunity, and we were able to totally make the most of our break. I barely found myself sitting not preoccupied  at home, or having no idea of what to do with friends.



My friends and I made the most of one of our afternoons by kicking it off with a friendly soccer match and hopping into the pool as soon as we got hot from the exercise. The whole situation is just fun and ideal for spring break and summer coming up.



I hope to have countless days like these once school is out for good. Being able to relax and be stress free while having a good time with my friends is what I live for. This type of environment can provide me with just that, and makes for a good time for everyone there. Go hop in the water and get active!



Summertime Approaching

Although Santa Barbara didn’t have much of a winter, there is a definite change in the air as the end of the school year draws closer. Spring break coming up is definitely getting my friends and I in high spirits. By ignoring the horrible AP testing and finals in the also near future, summer is easy to look forward to.


Spending days by the pool are definitely something I look forward to as soon as we are released from school.


Soaking up the afternoon sun by laying on the grass and making flower crowns is a great way to spend 6th period soccer if you ask me.


Taking walks with good company can only be improved by a great view. Beach strolls are an awesome form of exercise, and a way to escape the stress caused by school or anything else.

Use your spring break to get out there and enjoy the sunlight, ocean, company, or whatever may come your way. This song should help you get in the mood for the best seasons of the year, spring and summer. Hope you all have a good one.

Kittens & Me

A huge part of my life are my two kittens. I spend a ridiculous amount of time with them at home just snuggling up and listening to their purrs. Their names are Scout and Cosmo, and they are about 10 months old. If you’ve ever checked out Nina’s blog, you might have seen pictures of her cat, Boo. Boo is my kitties’ mommy cat! As I sit here typing, Scout is leaning against my leg and kneading her claws into me (ow).

My kittens because they are soo lovable and always give me something to do during my lonely hours at home.

I honestly had way too many pictures to choose from to be acceptable.


This photo above is from the day I first met my babies at Nina’s house, and it was love a first sight. At this point they were still nursing from Boo but even though they were so tiny, they were little balls of energy.



They’re sisters as well as best friends 🙂


Scout and Cosmo have such quirky personalities and always accomplish making my family and I laugh. They’re such a good time to have around the house. Luckily they get along with our dog too, although they didn’t right at the beginning. In my opinion, having pets is really important in a household to teach children responsibility and compassion.



To wrap up, I leave you with a photo of Scout and I hanging out after school today. I know you aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but she definitely wins as mine.

Soccer Season & Independence

With this month came two new things: spring soccer season, and a license. I am able to enjoy these two things along with my new found independence I have from driving. Being able to come and go to and from places has been such a good experience. I am finally able to not worry about structuring my life around whether or not I can get rides. Today I drove myself to practice at san marcos, my first time alone on the freeway.

Macie, my coach, believes in hard work and conditioning to make a better soccer player. I was able to capture my team mates playing in tonights practice during a particularly difficult and tiring drill as the sun was going down.


The fierce winds in SB today made it everything we practiced a lot more challenging also.


Finally wrapping up this practice felt great and I honestly wanted nothing more then to get in my car, blast some music, and cruise home for a big dinner. The best thing about Macie’s practices though is how accomplished and worked out I feel after each one. That is a huge benefit of having her as a coach, is that I always feel I am working to my full potential. This is only the beginning of my adventures on the road and I can’t wait to document as I drive to a wider range of places. Having a license opens up all sorts of possibilities and opportunities for more freedoms!