Celebrating the Earth

April 23rd this year was Earth Day, a day dedicated to appreciating and respecting our Earth and its environment. In my opinion, we should live our lives with this attitude every day. Our home is a beautiful place! Look around you every once in a while and just take in all the sights around you. We are lucky to live in a city as gorgeous as Santa Barbara, which is filled with different habitats and life.

Mexico Sunrise. Worth waking up early to see this

Mexico Sunrise. Worth waking up early to see this.

There's so much to see from way up high.

There’s so much to see from way up high.

photo (24)

Tide pools are unexpected places to find some amazing creatures, always worth looking around to see some.

It's not often you come across natural springs, so it's definitely worth the hike to 3 pools.

It’s not often you come across natural springs, so it’s definitely worth the hike to 3 pools.

photo (29)

Shout out to Mother Nature for being awesome.


Old Friends and Beach Walks

Being from two cities has made my life hard in a lot of ways, but also taught me a lot of things. Keeping in touch with old friends is really crucial, even though sometimes I go for a while without talking to my friends from Palo Alto. However they’re people who’s friendships I really value and catching up with them constantly really makes me happy! That being said I was absolutely ecstatic when my best friend form up north, Katie Douty, let me know her and her twin brother and mom would be stopping by Santa Barbara for the day.

photo (1)

Even though we only had a few hours in the afternoon that went by much too quickly, we still had a great time. I’m so grateful that they are people I’ve been able to stay close too even though we live so far away and it’s difficult to plan visits to see each other. I know that these friendships are ones that will last for a lot of years!



I definitely encourage you guys to catch up with some old friends, you’ll definitely be in for a good surprise on what a good time you can have.

Summertime Approaching

Although Santa Barbara didn’t have much of a winter, there is a definite change in the air as the end of the school year draws closer. Spring break coming up is definitely getting my friends and I in high spirits. By ignoring the horrible AP testing and finals in the also near future, summer is easy to look forward to.


Spending days by the pool are definitely something I look forward to as soon as we are released from school.


Soaking up the afternoon sun by laying on the grass and making flower crowns is a great way to spend 6th period soccer if you ask me.


Taking walks with good company can only be improved by a great view. Beach strolls are an awesome form of exercise, and a way to escape the stress caused by school or anything else.

Use your spring break to get out there and enjoy the sunlight, ocean, company, or whatever may come your way. This song should help you get in the mood for the best seasons of the year, spring and summer. Hope you all have a good one.

Sunday Strolls

On the northern end of Santa Barbara, you can find Hope Ranch. What once used to be a huge ranch is now a neighborhood split up into large properties. I love the general feel of Hope Ranch, because of the scenery, tall trees, and privacy of it all. Luckily for me, my best friend lives on the outskirts of Hope Ranch and when we have the chance, we love to fit in a good walk around the area. We set out around 3 on Sunday afternoon, and made it back to her house at 4:30. Along the way we snapped some pictures of the gorgeous nature, which was really green in the aftermath of the storm on Friday and Saturday.

photo (14)

Walking through the winding roads was a great way to get in some exercise, and the weather was ideal. Hope Ranch is incredibly quiet and peaceful, so the atmosphere here puts you at ease.

photo (15)

photo (16)

Many people here own horses, and there are horse back riding trails everywhere. Along certain streets there are really pretty views of Hope Ranch beach, which is a private beach with access to only residents of Hope Ranch. The long beach is lined by bluffs and is a great place to go with friends in summer (as long as someone has a key to get in).

photo (17)

Lilla and I got back to her house and wrapped up our day with a delicious smoothie that she made, before I returned home to get comfy and watch the Oscars for the next few hours. All in all, day well spent.


Adventure to El Cap

Saturday morning came this weekend with preparations for my little sister’s weekend camping (more like glamping) trip to El Capitan. I had completely planned on enjoying my Saturday hanging out with friends and relaxing home alone. Spending time with my parents, little sister, and five of her 8th grade friends for her 14th birthday party? No thanks. Luckily for me, my dad managed on guilting me into going up there for the day with a promise of letting me drive my family’s audi. El Cap is a beautiful state beach in Goleta, around 30 minutes north form my house. It’s a popular surfing spot and the campsite where my family and I spent our day was great.


The cabins at the El Capitan Canyon campsite are super luxurious, with 2 bunkbeds, a loft bed, a kitchenette, and a full bathroom inside. Each cabin has a little fire pit next to it to complete your camping experience with s’mores at night 🙂 Unfortunately my dad and I made the trip home around 5 so we missed that part.

photo (7)

short walk into the hills above the camp ground


It was a nice warm day ideal for laying on the beach and relaxing for a short while.

photo (11)

We were able to borrow bikes from the campsite to go for a ride along the beach.

photo thanks to my dad

photo thanks to my dad

All in all my day in El Cap was a day well spent. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do over the weekend I would definitely recommend considering the camping here! Next time I come down it’ll be with a few friends ready to enjoy the beach and the water, maybe even to spend the night.

That Weekend Feeling

I rolled out of bed this morning with a feeling of dread, knowing I had overslept and would have to rush through my morning routine. However, as soon as I remembered what day it was that awful feeling immediately vanished, and was replaced with one of relief and excitement. Although this school week was only four days, it totally dragged on for me. That’s why I am soo relieved it’s finally friday, and am going to discuss the weekend feeling in this blog post. We all know it, the amazing feeling when you walk out of school on a friday afternoon. Discussing with friends our plans for the next two days and nights of freedom, whether those including getting in hours and hours of sleep or an exciting party.

Here’s a song for you to listen that really just puts me in a great mood and pumped for the weekend.

Hopefully these pictures inspire you to go out and have a killer weekend spending time with your friends or just kicking back to enjoy those awesome quiet hours, 100 percent stress free.


photo by me

The weather here in SB this weekend is predicted to be fairly warm and sunny, so a good opportunity to get outdoors to the beach. Go on a picnic with your friends to a pretty park. Hike somewhere you’ve never been before. Spend a fun night in with the girls (or boys) watching movies and cracking jokes. Whatever it is you do, make the most of your weekend.

Feel free to leave a comment with what you’re planning to do for your weekend!

Summerland and the Polo & Racquet Club

Right next to SB is a cute little town called Summerland. It is located south of SB along the 101, home to around 2000 people. There are a lot of great things about this town, including its beaches, surf spots, cafes, and the Polo Club. Personally I am not much of a surfer, so unfortunately I can’t give too much info on surf spots. However the best beach around is Padaro beach, better known as Santa Claus beach. Right next to this beach is a great beach grill, Padaro Beach Grill. homeThe menu can be found on the website found here.01_3543-Padaro-Lane-view-up-beach

(citation here.)

photo-39photo courtesy of my mother

Santa Claus beach is always crowded in the summertime because it is so popular with SB locals and tourists.

My favorite cafe here, Summerland Beach Cafe,on the main street of summerland, Lille Avenue. I love coming here after a good round of tennis or a nice work out at the gym in the Polo & Racquet club. My family are members here, which I absolutely love. In the spring and summer we get to dress up and watch the polo matches, and during the off season we use the club for the pool, jacuzzi, tennis, and gym.


Above is a picture snapped by my little sister, Olivia, while soaking up the sun this past Sunday afternoon at the club’s hot tub.


Here is a picture of a polo match on the huge fields here right next to the mountains.


During the breaks of a polo match while the horses rest, the audience is invited to walk onto the field and stomp flat the many divots. These are my 3 sisters during a match this past summer. I absolutely love summerland and as soon as I get my license I will be visiting much more often.

Sights of SB


a walk on my favorite santa barbara beach, photo by Maddy Rotman

Santa Barbara is home to some of California’s best beaches. Mirmar beach, pictured here, is a popular beach for teenagers (including my friends and I) to hang out over the summer as well as during the year. The beach is lined by houses owned by vacationers and local residents. The low waves here are perfect for stand-up paddle boarding.


east beach, photo by Maddy Rotman


sunset on the mesa, photo by Maddy Rotman

The Mesa is a beautiful neighborhood home to some of my closest friends in SB. One of my favorite parts of coming here is seeing the spectacular sunset over the water every night of the year, thanks to its perfect location on a hill overlooking the ocean.


sunset at franceschi park, photo by Maddy Rotman

Franceschi park is a spot that I regretfully have yet to visit. Shown in this picture are local SB teenagers who made the trek up to watch the sunset here. This park is located at the top of the Santa Barbara riviera, the section of SB where I call home, although I do not live quite as high up on the riviera as this park is.

up gibraltar road, photo by Ava Doré

This spot, shown to the left, is arguably the prettiest place in all of Santa Barbara. If you’re willing to take the 30 minute or so drive up the very windy Gibraltar road, you can reach the best vantage point to look across the whole city and beyond. In front of you, there is the ocean, and behind are the looming and seemingly enormous foothills. Up here I can truly appreciate the wonders of this city that I am lucky enough to live in.