Pool Daze

There’s nothing better than hopping from a steaming jacuzzi to a cooler pool, or vice versa. Thats why spending a good portion of my spring break by the pool was absolutely amazing. My friends and I got in the spirit by swimming around and soakin up that vitamin D.



Being able to transition from the hot weather, to the snow, and back again was soo fun for this break. My friends and I are so lucky we have access to this opportunity, and we were able to totally make the most of our break. I barely found myself sitting not preoccupied  at home, or having no idea of what to do with friends.



My friends and I made the most of one of our afternoons by kicking it off with a friendly soccer match and hopping into the pool as soon as we got hot from the exercise. The whole situation is just fun and ideal for spring break and summer coming up.



I hope to have countless days like these once school is out for good. Being able to relax and be stress free while having a good time with my friends is what I live for. This type of environment can provide me with just that, and makes for a good time for everyone there. Go hop in the water and get active!




Summerland and the Polo & Racquet Club

Right next to SB is a cute little town called Summerland. It is located south of SB along the 101, home to around 2000 people. There are a lot of great things about this town, including its beaches, surf spots, cafes, and the Polo Club. Personally I am not much of a surfer, so unfortunately I can’t give too much info on surf spots. However the best beach around is Padaro beach, better known as Santa Claus beach. Right next to this beach is a great beach grill, Padaro Beach Grill. homeThe menu can be found on the website found here.01_3543-Padaro-Lane-view-up-beach

(citation here.)

photo-39photo courtesy of my mother

Santa Claus beach is always crowded in the summertime because it is so popular with SB locals and tourists.

My favorite cafe here, Summerland Beach Cafe,on the main street of summerland, Lille Avenue. I love coming here after a good round of tennis or a nice work out at the gym in the Polo & Racquet club. My family are members here, which I absolutely love. In the spring and summer we get to dress up and watch the polo matches, and during the off season we use the club for the pool, jacuzzi, tennis, and gym.


Above is a picture snapped by my little sister, Olivia, while soaking up the sun this past Sunday afternoon at the club’s hot tub.


Here is a picture of a polo match on the huge fields here right next to the mountains.


During the breaks of a polo match while the horses rest, the audience is invited to walk onto the field and stomp flat the many divots. These are my 3 sisters during a match this past summer. I absolutely love summerland and as soon as I get my license I will be visiting much more often.