Celebrating the Earth

April 23rd this year was Earth Day, a day dedicated to appreciating and respecting our Earth and its environment. In my opinion, we should live our lives with this attitude every day. Our home is a beautiful place! Look around you every once in a while and just take in all the sights around you. We are lucky to live in a city as gorgeous as Santa Barbara, which is filled with different habitats and life.

Mexico Sunrise. Worth waking up early to see this

Mexico Sunrise. Worth waking up early to see this.

There's so much to see from way up high.

There’s so much to see from way up high.

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Tide pools are unexpected places to find some amazing creatures, always worth looking around to see some.

It's not often you come across natural springs, so it's definitely worth the hike to 3 pools.

It’s not often you come across natural springs, so it’s definitely worth the hike to 3 pools.

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Shout out to Mother Nature for being awesome.


Vail, Colorado

This spring break I made the trip to Vail, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains and hit the slopes with a couple of¬†friends. Seeing the snow was a great change compared to the constant sun and beach weather (not that I’m complaining) in SB. I hadn’t gone on a ski trip in 3 years, since the seventh grade, so I had been looking forward to this trip for an incredibly long time.¬†The mountain ranges in Colorado are so beautiful so snapping pictures throughout my trip was absolutely necessary.


The journey there is an easy 2 hour flight from LAX to the Vail airport, about a 45 minute drive from the ski slopes, and as soon as we unpacked our ski gear and bought our lift tickets we were good to go.


The mountain is HUGE, and we spent most of our time exploring the back bowls to avoid the crowds and find the best snow.

By the end of each of the three days we skied, we were all exhausted and sore, but this didn’t make us any more ready to leave. Skiing is such an amazing sport that is a great time for everyone. Once you’re there, saying goodbye to the snow is a very hard thing to do.


Photo by Maddy Rotman

On the last day of the trip we were gifted with at least eight inches of beautiful fresh powder, that just sealed the deal on the most amazing trip possible. All of us were sad to leave but can’t wait to make the trip again in years to come.

Here’s a track from the movie Art of Flight that I just have to leave with you because you can’t do skiing without it.