Crosstown Rivalries

Every city has them. Crosstown rivalries. Those schools you hate just for the sake of having a rival, whether it’s athletically or academically. In Santa Barbara, there are 3 high schools: SBHS, San Marcos, and Dos Pueblos. Game days against these schools are a SUPER big deal. For example, the SB vs. SM boys volleyball game on tuesday, and the SB vs. SM girls lacrosse game on wednesday.

Beating a rival school is so satisfying, even though a lot of the times your good friends are on the other side. A bit of competitiveness between friends never hurts! Plus school having insane school spirit makes these events even more fun. A good scream team is CRUCIAL to your school’s success. Not to mention killer cheers. The typical Don’s house and “We can’t hear you!” cheers are always fun. And if your team is losing, you can always resort to the “WE HAVE MORE FUN” which was heard a few times at tuesday’s volleyball game. One of my personal faves.

Sophie and I ready to crack some SM girls at our lax game this week

Sophie and I ready to crack some SM girls at our lax game this week



Boys Volleyball

I love the boys volleyball team at SBHS. I attend nearly every home game to support the team! They kill it, and are having a great season. They took a few tough losses but are recently coming together as a team super nicely. It’s so much fun to watch them play!



The ONLY thing lacking from this sport is the cheer section! When we played DP at home, and won in a really exciting game, they were louder than us. I really want to see more people coming out to support, because great school spirit is what high school is all about right?